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Our Services

We Provide High Definition 3D Printing and Laser Engraving Services.

Each project is carefully crafted to each customers specifications with attention to detail. Want to send us something to engrave? Contact us to start your project! 

3D Printing

Which 3D Printing Process is right for your design?

  • Fused Deposition Modeling

    • Fused Deposition Modeling, or FDM, uses a single strand of material  and is deposited in layers to create a 3D printed design. During this FDM printing process, the filament is fed through a hot extruder where the material gets soft enough that it can be precisely placed by the print head. The melted filament is then deposited layer by layer in the print area to build the design!​​

  • HD SLA Resin 3D Printing​

    • Stereolithography Apparatus, or SLA, is an additive method. Each Design is built layer by layer. However, SLA uses a curable photopolymer – usually a liquid resin – that is hardened by applying focused UV light to cure each layer in its place. SLA printers build their models upside-down, and the build platform lifts the model upwards, out of the resin bath.​

Laser Engraving & Cutting

High Quality Laser Engraving and Cutting Services

Engraving and Cutting services available for the following material:

  • Engraving: 

    • Stainless Steel​

    • Aluminum 

    • Glass

    • Wood

    • Plastic/Rubber

  • Cutting​

    • Aluminum​

    • Wood

Services: Services
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